Island Fling With The Tycoon
Harlequin Romance

September 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW:  Therese Beharrie deviates from her usual South African story setting to place the main characters of this adventure, Piper Evans and Caleb Martin, in Greece for a wedding. Piper’s brother, Liam, is marrying Caleb’s sister Emma. The story opens with Piper at the airport in Greece anxiously waiting on her ride to the five-star resort hosting the nuptials. After a desperate call to her brother, a sour but attractive man shows up to provide her transportation.

The backstory for the wedding is full of anguish, drama and revelations.  All come rushing forth as our bride and groom prepare for their lavish destination wedding. If truth be told, neither Piper nor Caleb are thrilled with this union.  Piper has been estranged from her brother but after her father’s death they are working on reuniting.  Caleb assumed the role of surrogate father as a teen after the premature death of his father. He works hard to fill the void left by his father believing it’s his mission to control his siblings’ lives and make all decisions for them.

During the pre-wedding festivities Liam gets cold feet and assumes the role of “runaway groom”. Piper and Caleb begrudgingly take responsibility for finding Liam and hopefully returning him to his distraught fiancé. Their trek through the Greek islands in search of Liam becomes a journey of self-discovery for Piper and Caleb as assumptions about each other created at first sight are dissipating as they share more time together.  Piper reveals her stubborn independence and distrust in men stems from her dysfunctional relationships with her father and ex-boyfriend. Caleb reveals that raising his siblings and building his profitable business has consumed his life leaving little time for relationships with the opposite sex and is a key contributor to his curt demeanor.

ISLAND FLING WITH THE TYCOON, Beharrie shares a sweet romance between two baggage-laden people who have good intentions but need each other’s encouragement to release the inner person suppressed by years of pain. This is the second book I have read by Beharrie and look forward to enjoying more of her unique writing style and delightful romance storylines.  If you haven’t sampled her work, pick up this novel, it’s the perfect summer read!

3rd September 2019 |