Review: Honeydew
HONEYDEW - S. Taylor
Garden Avenue Press

February 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Clarisse Jordan is a young woman determined to provide a future for her children after the death of her fiancé.  With her business degree under her belt, she opens Honeydew, a quaint little café that offers Southern cooking. A year into the business, Clarisse lands a big catering job for Price Developing. Unbeknown to Clarisse, the CEO of the company specifically asked for her to cater the event.  Dylan Price has been in love with Clarisse for years. When her fiancé and his childhood friend dies, Dylan takes care of all the financial responsibilities he left behind to make sure Clarisse and her children’s life will be easier. Dylan’s love for Clarisse won’t allow him to stay in the background any longer. His need is too great. He must have her even if he has to blackmail her into marrying him.  With the threat of losing everything, Clarisse consents to marry Dylan. Besides, she can’t deny the fierce attraction that exists between them. But an explosive secret has the potential to destroy it all.

Clarisse is a mother whose ambition in life is to provide for her children after she loses the love of her life. She becomes an entrepreneur and works hard to make her business a success. Clarisse is strong and independent and determined to make it on her own with minimal help from friends and family. Dylan is the CEO of Price Developing and a man with a plan. No obstacle is too great. With a single-mindedness, he goes after what he wants. This alpha male believes that the end justifies the means and he makes no excuses for his actions.

HONEYDEW is a super-hot romance based in the southern state of Georgia.  After reading Clarisse and Dylan’s story, I find that it’s getting hotter by the minute. The author did a good job with the plot right down to the tiniest detail.  There’s no chance for any slow-down. Each page keeps you turning to find out the main characters next move. The attraction between Charisse and Dylan is off the charts. The term spontaneous combustion comes to mind. One could hardly breathe without the other, and that comes across in black and white.  Being in the same room with these two makes the other characters feel as though they were intruding. In the midst of all this, there is blackmail, secrets, and deception to name a few. All the things a man will do in the name of love. Good writing Ms. Taylor!

HONEYDEW is a fascinating story that is sure to keep you reading for hours. If you want to know more, you have to read the book. I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

14th February 2019 |