Review: His To Claim
HIS TO CLAIM - Brenda Jackson
Harlequin Desire

June 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The fourth book of the Westmoreland Legacy Series features Navy SEAL, Thurston McRoy, aka Mac. After an eight month classified operation, Mac is finally home in Virginia where his wife, Teri and their four daughters live while he is living his dream of being a SEAL. HIS TO CLAIM is not only an enjoyable Contemporary Romance story, but it also presents a believable glimpse at the challenges and experiences of a military wife.

While Mac is actively engaging in covert operations as a Navy SEAL months at a time, his wife, Teri, is left to handle all family business, care for their four daughters, and keep everything running like a finely tuned machine as the head of the household. While Teri understands and supports Mac’s absences from his family, what she does not understand is why she has to defend the decisions (especially financial decisions) that she makes when Mac returns homes and questions her about them. That’s when the machine seems to break down because he usually disagrees with her decisions. After ten years of this type of inquisition, Teri begins to look at and question the fragility of the partnership aspect of their marriage. Changes have to be made, and Teri takes the initiative to do just that. It’s a major change. There is also another more devastating matter that Teri is left to deal with alone. No spoilers, but you will feel the isolation and angst that Teri experiences. It adds so much credibility to their story which I love.

Out of the four
Westmoreland Legacy stories, this one is my favorite. In true Brenda Jackson style, this story is packed with romance, passion, conflict, real-life issues, and suspense. Add an amazing Epilogue that depicts Bane and Crystal Westmoreland hosting a family and friends gathering that includes the Navy SEAL team members and their families, the Denver, Atlanta, Texas, Montana, Westmorelands, and the Alaska Westmorelands who are also known as the Outlaws. It’s an enjoyable scene of celebration and collaboration! Not only does the Epilogue unite the Westmoreland families along with the Navy SEAL families, but it also gives an eye-opening preview of the next Brenda Jackson book which will feature Sheriff Pete Higgins, who is like a member of the Westmoreland family.

HIS TO CLAIM is a compelling well-written story that draws you in from the first chapter and keeps you engaged until the last chapter with its wonderful HEA.  I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

10th July 2019 |