Review: His Marriage Demand
Harlequin Desire

August 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Leslie Whitfield | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: HIS MARRIAGE DEMAND, The Stewart Heirs (Book #2), is a good quick read. The main characters Fallon Stewart and Gage Campbell share a past. They have not seen each other in over 16 years. Fallon is running her family’s business (Stewart Technologies) and needs funds to keep the company from going out of business. Gage is wealthy and, in a position, to prevent Stewart Technologies from closing its doors.

At the age of sixteen, Fallon told a lie that resulted in the firing of Gage’s mother.  As a result, Gage and his mother had a hard time surviving and he vowed vengeance on the Stewart family. Fallon had a crush on Gage since childhood and feels horrible about what she did as a teenager and is now leery of Gage’s motives in offering to help Stewart Technologies. Not only does Gage want revenge but he wants to be accepted into high society. Gage believes by marrying a Stewart, he will gain the acceptance he never had growing up because his mother was a maid.

The scenes are well written and can be visualized easily. Gage pulling up in his Bugatti and parking his Bugatti a few times reinforced his new station in life. Dinner at the Stewart Manor and the tension between Gage’s mother and Fallon’s parents is well written and makes the reader feel as if they are there.  The chemistry between Fallon and Gage comes across as authentic and their shared past helps reinforce the feelings that emerge between the couple leading up to the marriage and after the marriage. It was inevitable that Fallon would find out about Gage’s plan to ruin her company. The hurt Fallon experienced is relatable and genuine. Gage’s remorse for hurting Fallon is well written from his unshaven appearance to the description of his weight loss. Gage’s generous gift to Fallon’s brother Ayden leads to the couple reconciling.

Although I enjoyed reading
HIS MARRIAGE DEMAND, it was predictable. There are a few emotions and feelings related to Fallon and Gage past and the lie she told repeated several times. I’m curious to find out who Gage’s father is, and I thought he might show up in this book, maybe in the next book. I’m looking forward to reading the next story in the,The Stewart Heirs (Book 3).

27th September 2019 |