Review: Her Christmas Wish
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

November 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The Bare Sophistication Series has been an enjoyable and entertaining series of stories with memorable characters. One of those characters now has her own story which marks the end of the series. I love the way that talented author, Sherelle Green, adapted the “Best Friend’s Sibling” trope to tell Kyra Reed and Luke O’Connor’s story. Luke is best friend to one of Kyra’s brothers, and has watched Kyra grow from a young girl to a young woman. When the story opens, Kyra is celebrating her twenty-first birthday, and of course, Luke is on set. Kyra has plans to finally tell and show Luke how she feels about him. After all, she is now a young woman of legal age, and it’s time that Luke knows how she really feels about him-no more schoolgirl crush. Let’s just say that Luke’s reaction was not what Kyra was expecting.

Fast forward ten years later and Kyra is now the manager of Bare Sophistication Boutique in Hollywood. It’s the Christmas season and Kyra and co-workers are making plans to expand to another location. As fate would have it, the top real-estate agent in the game hired to find the perfect location for the new store and Kyra’s new home is none other than Luke O’Connor. It’s on and poppin’ as the two reunite under somewhat testy circumstances. In spite of the years that have passed, and that fateful night of her twenty first birthday, Kyra still has feelings for Luke. And Luke…well he has some very compelling plans to make up for that ill-fated night ten years ago. No spoilers, but you are going to love that Caribbean adventure vibe.

Friends and family side characters play a major role in helping to move the storyline alone. It was good catching up with the Bare Sophisticated ladies, their spouses and families. The side-character role award, however, goes to Luke’s brother, Nash. I love his character. I also loved the HEA. It was a long time coming, but so worth it!

I love Sherelle Green’s style. Her Contemporary Romance stories engage the reader from the opening pages of the prologue to the last pages of the epilogue.
HER CHRISTMAS WISH is that story, and I recommend it. Enjoy!

1st November 2019 |