Review: Heart's Desire
HEART'S DESIRE - Delaney Diamond
Garden Avenue Press

September 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Janice Livingston and Nathan Crenshaw are co-workers who were previously in a relationship. They now work together again, and naturally interact like old friends…who still have feelings for each other. Ms. Diamond shares just enough information in the beginning of the book to get the reader interested in learning more. Janice is reflecting on her previous relationship with Nathan and a particular scene has the reader thinking, alrighty then!

Janice is in a situation where she needs help, and Nathan is right there for her. They naturally fall into their old pattern of comfortable conversation and Janice is replaying scenes from their time together in her head. I like how Ms. Diamond writes this scene and takes the reader back down memory lane with Janice.

Janice and Nathan have a strong connection and have a lot in common, including tattoos and their love of motorcycles. There are also a lot of good reasons not to explore a relationship again; they have unresolved issues and insecurities. Most importantly, the timing is bad because Nathan is not really mentally available. I questioned it, until their passion for each other plays out in real time. Ms. Diamond makes sure the reader understands Janice and Nathan should be together. There is some drama that threatens their HEA, but the reader is rooting for them through it all.

Janice has a strong friend group, Jada and Soul, who are also the heroines in the other books of the
Unparalleled Love Series. Nathan also has a strong relationship with his younger brother, Abram, whom he is raising. Ms. Diamond writes a touching scene where Nathan realizes his brother does in fact listen to him when Abram brings up the importance of communication. Abram’s advice to Nathan makes me think of the phrase “out of the mouth of babes”.

The title of
HEART’S DESIRE is an appropriate title because Janice and Nathan have a strong desire for each other that hasn’t faded in the time they are apart. Second Chance Love is the theme of the book and I highly recommend it.

1st November 2019 |