Review: Greed
GREED - Victoria Christopher Murray
Simon & Schuster/Galley Books
June 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan | RATING: B+
REVIEW: GREED is the third book in The Seven Deadly Sins Series by Victoria Christopher Murray and is another very good addition to the series. The book follows the main protagonist, Zuri Maxwell, and her downfall as she embraces the sin of ‘greed’.

Zuri lives with her boyfriend, Stephon, and seems to have a good life. They plan to eventually get married but want to make sure their finances are okay before they make the commitment…but Zuri is not as contented with that life.  She is unhappy.  She wants to wear ‘brand’ and go to expensive restaurants and travel. She loved Stephon but she desires those things too. When the opportunity arises for her to have these things, she gives into her desire and by telling half-truths, she believes she is doing nothing wrong. Will these lies affect her relationship and ultimately her life? You are going to have to read the book to find out.

To be honest, I didn’t like Zuri, but I think I understand her greed and her obsession with living the good life and having material things. Ironically, she has it all - a man who loved her and trusted her but, unfortunately, she throws it all away for the superficial things in life. The ending, I thought, was sad, but inevitable and realistic. I, however, admired her devotion to her father and her willingness, to accept help when necessary.

I was surprised by the twist at the end. I never expected it, thought I did wonder how three men, all strangers, could come into her life, spent lots of money on her and wanted nothing in return. It was a bit strange to me, but the twist did explain it.

GREED has a powerful and realistic message - that we must avoid the sins of the flesh; in this case, the sin is greed. Fortunately, at the end we are sure that Zuri is on the right path to redemption. GREED and the other books in the series are being made into Lifetime Network movies. I will be sure to watch this one

12th August 2019 |