Review: Finding Home Again
HQN Books

November 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The heroine and hero of this story, Bryce Witherspoon and Kaegan Chambray, respectively, have been around since the first novel of this series. As side characters in those stories, as a reader I always wondered what their problem was.  Clearly, they had history, and when they appeared in the previous two books, FORGET ME NOT and LOVE IN CATALINA COVE, their relationship was not good, to say the least. Well, FINDING HOME AGAIN clears everything up, and gives the reader an in-depth look at these two second-chance lovers.

Yes, Bryce and Kaegan go back a long way. They were childhood friends, and later sweethearts. Not even the third person of the “friends trio”, Vashti-Alcindor-Grisham (
LOVE IN CATALINA COVE) knew what went wrong between Bryce and Kaegan. It was so bad that their mutual friends could not I understand, nor did they know why Bryce and Kaegan could barely stand to be in each other’s presence. Talented author Brenda Jackson painstakingly reveals the backstories of the hero and heroine that allow the reader to have that ah-ha moment. No spoilers; I want you to have that moment also. Not only does Mrs. Jackson explore the second-chance at love trope as the basis for this story, but as the story unfolds she also weaves prejudice and homosexuality into the plot to highlight an engaging story set in a small town.

I like how the book is divided into two parts. In Part One, Bryce and Kaegan’s prickly relationship dissolves into a tentative friendship. In Part Two Bryce and Kaegan’s friendship flowers into a loving relationship. When you read this section, look for these words: The code, MOM, 10 times, and the letter ‘K’. I guarantee you will understand how far their relationship has evolved-from salty to steamy.

The familiar citizens of the Cove like, Vashti and Sawyer Grisham, Ray and Ashley Sullivan compose the side characters who help move the storyline along. Bad guys like Jeremy get the Boo-Hiss Award. You’ll understand why when you read the book.  The new character mention goes to Victoria Madaris. Now that’s a familiar last name in the Brenda Jackson book family world. The Epilogue delivers a delightful HEA.

I enjoyed
FINDING HOME AGAIN. We finally find out the mystery behind Bryce and Kaegan’s complicated relationship. I recommend this story for your reading pleasure.

18th November 2019 |