Review: Everlasting Desire
EVERLASTING DESIRE - Stephanie Nicole Norris
Amaris Publishing

September 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The Unparalleled Love Series explores the lives of three best friends, Soul Carrington. Janice Livingston and Jada Wilson. EVERLASTING DESIRE features Jada Wilson who first appears in HER NAUGHTY SUITOR by Stephanie Nicole Norris. Jada is an interior designer who has a male best friend, award-winning MasterChef, Solomon McBride. EVERLASTING DESIRE follows their love journey from besties to lovers.

Jada is ending a five-year relationship that ends badly. Her ex, Marcus Bradshaw, is a cheater, and Jada has had enough. Even though Jada does not readily confide in Solomon, he knows that Jada’s current depressed state of mind is in some way caused by Marcus. However, as her oldest and best friend, he allows her to handle the situation and not press her. Solomon not only loves Jada, but he is also in love with her. The question is does she feel the same way about him? You are going to like their resolution. I love how everybody who is close to Jada and Solomon clearly knows that they belong together. In spite of Jada’s reluctance, Solomon’s presence is like a soothing balm, and he’s just what she needs.

There are three stand out scenes. One occurs in a university setting where Jada instructs a SRO crowd in a life drawing class demonstration. Guess who the model is? The second scene happens when Jada and Solomon travel to a cabin for a little get-away. Very fun, and very steamy! The third scene is an inevitable confrontation between Marcus, the ex and Solomon. All three are captivating scenes that enhance the storyline.

I love a villain who is bad-to-the-bone, and Marcus Bradshaw is that character. Another side character who stands out is Melissa, Jada’s half-sister. You’ll understand their fragile relationship when you read the story.  The other side characters, family and friends of the heroine and hero, play notable roles in helping to move the story along. The HEA is a little low-key, but very satisfying, nevertheless.

I enjoyed
EVERLASTING DESIRE, and I recommend it. It’s the second book that I’ve reviewed in this three-book series. The continuity between the books is solid, and you can read each one and as a stand-alone. Enjoy!

13th September 2019 |