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October 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE is the first book in the Night Shift Series. Ms. Jones captures the reader’s attention on page one with her writing style, partly because she only provides a little information on Keris Bradford. It’s almost like Ms. Jones is holding a rope that she’s giving a little at a time. The reader is wondering, what has happened to Keris to put her in this situation? We learn that she has it together in some areas, a couple being a successful graphic designer and her outward appearance, but in others she obviously doesn’t.

We quickly meet Laken Kimble and are interested to learn more about him, but again Ms. Jones only provides a little at a time. We know that his outward appearance grabs Keris’ attention, simply saying “what a man!”, but he is more than meets the eye and definitely more than a bartender. He is the owner of Night Shift, a “brewpub” that is expanding into bottling and distribution. Things starts off fast with Keris and Laken getting “acquainted” with each other right away. Their chemistry jumps off the page.

Despite the fact that Keris and Laken have kinda done things out of order, Ms. Jones shows the reader why they are “Kindred Spirits” as Laken puts it. He keeps getting signs that she was led to him and they should be together, so he comes up with a clever way to keep her around. No matter how much Keris tries to fight it, whatever is casually going on with them naturally turns into much more.

Night Shift, the name of the bar, also relates to the “shift” in the way Laken handled things in the past vs. changes he is trying to make for his future. Ms. Jones explains the title of the book,
EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE, in basic terms, then goes much deeper to connect with what Laken and Keris have experienced and how they have learned so much about themselves, and how much they are willing to give up to be together. They much overcome their issues in order to truly be happy.

There is a strong group of secondary characters. Family legacy is important to Laken and that’s apparent in the way he interacts with his parents and sister. I love Keris’ best friend Natalie. She keeps it real but really cares about her and is ride or die. I also got to learn a little something about brewing.

EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE is a good start to a new series, and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

2nd January 2020 |