Review: Endless Love
Garden Avenue Press

February 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  The perfect background music when reading this book has to include two “goldie oldies”, Endless Love and Beauty Is Her NameEndless Love, of course, from the title of the book, and Beauty Is Her Name…well, you’ll understand that choice when you read the book. Jacob and Lena’s story is romantic, emotional, dramatic, sensual, and oh, so satisfying. If there was ever the quintessential contemporary romance story, ENDLESS LOVE is it!

When we first meet Milena “Lena” Martin and Jacob Jones III, they are a highly successful couple with two children, a boy and a girl. They are definitely living that life, juggling jobs, children, home, and managing to find time for each other.  One thing is perfectly clear. They are passionately in love. However, their marriage has its challenges. To fully understand what that encompasses, author Nyora Rene’ effectively utilizes the flashback device, and takes the reader back to the hero and heroine’s college days when they first met. Those chapters provide valuable insight into situations that perhaps would not have been fully explained. It’s a great technique that enhances the storyline. Kudos to the author! Not only do we get to relive Lena and Jacob’s college days, but we also are reunited with their two best friends, Charmaine and Malcolm from
LOVE REKINDLED, (Book #1) of this series. The continuity between these stories is priceless, and we have the use of flashback to thank for it. As I mentioned earlier, Lena and Jacob’s marriage has its challenges, and it is how they deal with those challenges that is the heart and soul of their story.

The side characters are well-developed. The family members of both Jacob and Lena offer advice, support, and help move the story along. The twins, Xavier and Zora are stand-out side characters. The HEA is delightful, and you will discover that Lena and Jacob both hit the jackpot when they declared their love for each other.

I enjoyed this story, and I recommend it.
ENDLESS LOVE can be read as a stand-alone, but I also recommend that you read the first two books of the All Or Nothing Series: LOVE REKINDLED and READY FOR LOVE. You can thank me later.

20th February 2019 |