Review: Crashing Into You
Harper Collins/Avon Impulse

February 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: CRASHING INTO HER is the latest installment in the Love on Cue Series. Eva Montgomery is the feisty best friend of Tori from the first book in the series. Eva has had issues with past relationships and is done with that part of her life, but one night stands don’t count. She hooks up with Tori’s cousin Anthony, after Tori and Carter’s wedding. What is supposed to be a one-night stand, or a one and done, turns into something different when hearts get in the way.

Anthony Castillo is not into relationships. That is, until he can’t get Tori’s best friend Eva out of his head. Eva ends up in the same city as the rest of the crew and the story goes from there. There is a lot of flirty, but clever banter between Eva and Anthony as well. Ms. Sosa has written Eva with a witty sense of humor, but she has met her match with Anthony. They also have great chemistry and enjoy spending time together. The physical scenes are steamy and in describing them, there is a word or two that may offend some.

The intros to most of Eva’s chapters are a nice touch and, though brief, are well-written. A couple of them will have the reader laughing a bit during the story as well. Ms. Sosa definitely has a sense of humor, and evidence of that is sprinkled throughout the book. Ms. Sosa also does a good job of writing about the various stages of getting comfortable with a relationship. As soon as the reader thinks they have figured out how Ms. Sosa is going lead to a HEA, she switches it up a bit.

Whether we are reading about Anthony living with his father or Eva figuring out how to find her way in a new city, these two have real life problems. This makes the book relatable. Anthony has an interesting profession and it was cool to learn a little about stunt actors.

There is a strong group of secondary characters. Tori and Eva have a fun friendship and also keep it real with each other. I also enjoyed Anthony’s interactions with his Dad. Overall,
CRASHING INTO HER is a very good read.

1st April 2019 |