Review: Closer To You
CLOSER TO YOU - Shryl Lister
SL Books

November 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A+
REVIEW: CLOSER TO YOU by best-selling author Sheryl Lister is an outstanding book! This book brings to life the love story of Zahra Chandler and Kendall McKnight. Zahra has just moved to Blackmont, California because her grandfather died under suspicious means. Zahra’s grandfather leaves her the bookstore and his home. Kendell McKnight is the Sheriff of Blackmont, California. He moved back to his small hometown due to a broken heart.

Zahra and Kendell meet for the first time when Kendall tries to arrest Zahra for breaking in her grandfather’s bookstore even though she was trying to find the key to open the door. After the misunderstanding, Kendall lets Zahra know that someone has been trying to break into the store. Needless to say, the sparks flying between the pair was spontaneous.

A series of events start happening to Zahra that Kendall feels is linked to her grandfather’s suspicious death. With Zahra’s life in danger, Kendall must figure out what the mystery is and what it had to to the death of her grandfather. In the midst of all this, the pair is falling hard in love with each other. Will Zahra and Kendall give in to the hot scorching chemistry? Will Kendall solve who murdered Zahra’s grandfather and the mystery surrounding it? Will Zahra and Kendall profess their love for each other? You will have to read
CLOSER TO YOU by Sheryl Lister to find out!

Sheryl Lister shows us that even though that something tragic happened in our lives, something beautiful as love can come in our lives as well. The love that Zahra and Kendall found in each other was so beautiful and emotional.

I enjoyed reading
CLOSER TO YOU by Sheryl Lister so much! I couldn’t put my book down until I finished it! The book kept me on the edge of my seat! When I thought I had the mystery solved, a new twist occurred. CLOSER TO YOU has everything! It has a fantastic plot as well as plenty of mystery. This book also has plenty of romance and suspense. I laughed and cried while reading this book! Get your copy of CLOSER TO YOU by Sheryl Lister.

11th December 2019 |
Award of Excellence