Review: Christmas With The Billionaire
Harlequin Kimani Romance

December 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Christmas With The Billionaire by Niobia Bryant is a new spin on the old tale of the determined heroine using wit and wile to soften the hard exterior of the emotionally damaged hero. She heals then steals his heart in an exciting journey that is heartwarming and very moving.

Samira Ansah is the only daughter in a family dominated by brothers making their mark within the family-owned conglomerate. She is determined to earn her place as a key player by revitalizing the sagging real estate division. Eyeing a prize location for a new boutique hotel, Samira approaches the owner; renowned author Lance Miller but is repeatedly rebuffed. An expected encounter provides Samira the opportunity for a face-to-face with the reclusive author.  Lance Miller lives in a world of darkness and depression following a tragic accident and seems incapable of rebounding. He writes and spends his time alone, taking no joy from his existence. Then comes Samira with her sparkling eyes and sharp tongue and starting with pulling back the curtain in his darken home, she slowly opens his eyes to new possibilities. Unfortunately, Samira starts realizing she is not drawing Lance into the light; she is slowly sinking into his dark world. Samira must choose between her love and truly living although either way, she is destined to lose unless Lance loves her enough to step out of the shadows for good. 
Christmas With The Billionaire is fast paced and likeable and the story flows easily. There are sublayers to the plot, and they blend cohesively in the bigger story.

There are many interesting characters in this novel who mold it into a solid story.  Samira is headstrong and smart and driven. Lance Miller is brusque and rude but was not always that way. Beneath this dark demeanor once lived a happy man with a bright future until it all changed. While Samira and Lance are not your average everyday characters, they are believable and well-drawn.

Samira is intelligent and sassy and unabashed to take on Lance’s bad attitude.  She proves to be the only person capable of breaking through his fog of despair.  Lance is like an onion and we see more of who he really is as Samira pulls back his layers.

Christmas With The Billionaire
is a well written novel that is sure to please. The plot is thought-out and detailed. I did, however, wonder why Samira was unable to find out about Lance’s tragic accident in this world of internet and social media. However, Christmas With The Billionaire by Niobia Bryant is the perfect holiday gift and readers are sure to enjoy.

4th December 2019 |