Review: Black Rose
BLACK ROSE - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing

September 2019
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: BLACK ROSE marks a new genre for prolific writer, D. Camille as she showcases Bliss Marshall to inaugurate her first venture in women’s fiction. Bliss works at J. P.Morgan, a prestigious firm, as a Private Wealth Manager. This sister, a follower of the Khematic Culture, is savvy, intelligent, driven and understands the “presentation”. I like her style! She is definitely in a class all by herself. However, she meets her match in Rome McIntyre, the ten-million-dollar man. You’ll get All of that when you read the book.

This novella introduces us to Bliss, her lifestyle, family, friends, and aspirations. One thing is certain. She knows how to play the game being the only Black woman at the D.C. office of the famed J.P. Morgan firm. She chose that particular firm because of its history. Keep that in mind. Rome enters her life through a set-up by her girls that goes awry. Their love journey together starts in this book, and it starts with a bang. While Rome and Bliss come from different backgrounds, they make a great team.  Rome needs a wealth manager to handle his millions, and Bliss needs a wealthy client like Rome to help her reach her goal of fifty clients. Why fifty? I’ll let you discover that when you read the story.

The subplot is genius! It is taken right from today’s headlines. No spoilers. I remember listening to the actual story that was reported in the news a few months ago but shut down with a quickness. There’s a lot going on in this nine-chapter story that includes, big money, drugs, smuggling, deception, and murder. The meeting between Bliss and one of the bosses at J.P. Morgan is eye-opening, and leaves Bliss re-formulating her plan to “do it for the culture”.

As usual, characterization is flawless. From “bad boy” Brad to Bliss’ capable assistant, Nikki to Rome’s right-hand man, Laz, these side characters are all instrumental in moving the storyline along. All but one that I mentioned will return in the next book. I’ll let you discover who won’t be around. Oh, why the title BLACK ROSE? It all starts with a drink at a bar.

I love this premier book to a new series, and a new genre for D. Camille. It’s a perfect mix of love, intrigue, the world of high finance, and how it affects the Black community with a Black woman as the main character. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. In the meantime, grab a copy of
BLACK ROSE. It’s a quick read, and I highly recommend it.

20th September 2019 |