Review: Because of You
BECAUSE OF YOU - Elle Wright
Harlequin Kimani Romance

July 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  A
REVIEW: BECAUSE OF YOU starts off hot and heavy. Bailee Sanders has one special night with someone she’s just met to make her forget her troubles. She doesn’t expect to see him again, and especially not at her brother, Mason’s, wedding. Elle Wright has featured another sexy hero with Dr. Ian Jackson. Ian’s brother Drake and “Uncle Brother” El are featured in earlier books of the series. In addition to being a “Hottie”, as Bailee describes him, Ian also has a heart to help others. He’s caring and thoughtful and he’s just an overall good guy, as we see throughout the book. Any guy that agrees to be his best female friend’s, Man of Honor, definitely gets extra points. This is such a unique idea that Ms. Wright incorporates.

Most often, Elle Wright features a location in her home state. Because of that, she writes with a familiarity of Traverse City, Michigan. The Solomon Family estate, where the wedding is held, is a featured character and I felt like I was at Mason and Mia’s wedding weekend with the rest of the family.

Ms. Wright’s writing style allows the reader to get in Bailee and Ian’s head and understand how they think. Bailee has to get out of her own way and truly trust herself and her feelings for Ian. I wanted to wring her neck several times. No matter how much Bailee tried to fight, Ian wasn’t going anywhere. Bailee and Ian are both going through major changes in their personal and professional life. Ms. Wright takes the reader on Ian and Bailee’s journey, and we root for their success in all areas of their lives.

Those who follow the series will assume that Dr. Law, the Dad of the Jackson clan, strikes again as the villain. In actuality, the villain is not a person but the insecurities that raise their ugly head and get in the way. The family interactions and the bond and love they share, is the strength of the book. It is good to get an update on El, Drake and their wives and also learn about Mia’s family. I must mention Bailee’s best friend, April. Everyone needs a friend like her. There is always a scene in an Elle Wright book that sticks with me. Ian’s thoughtfulness while on a special trip, is the winner in this one. With
BECAUSE OF YOU, Elle Wright writes another great story, and leaves the reader wanting more.

8th July 2019 |