Review:  Banking On Love
BANKING ON LOVE - Iris Bolling
Siri Austin Entertainment

June 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: It’s been a long time coming, but Book 2 of the Dunning Trilogy is here, and it does not disappoint. BANKING ON LOVE continues with the Dunning family saga of this premiere African American family who are on the verge of owning and operating the number one banking institution in the financial world. In the first book, INVESTED, Myles Dunning, CEO of Dunning Bank and Trust and Chrystina Price, his Executive Assistant are the featured couple. In BANKING ON LOVE, Grace Heather Dunning, Deputy CEO, and the long-time love of her life, Jonathan Michael, Vice-President, are the featured couple who seek their HEA.

I love Grace Heather and Jonathan’s story that epitomizes one of my favorite tropes, second chance love. They certainly bring the heat and passion with scorching love scenes. However, their love journey is only one component of this multi-plot novel. The creative and prolific Iris Bolling captivates the reader with not only a steamy love story, but also with clandestine meetings involving the Russian mob, assassination attempts, international espionage, family drama, kidnapping, conspirators plotting for positions, murder and mayhem, Oh my! This story has it all. The Dunning family will find themselves targets in the crosshairs of nefarious characters who seek to eliminate them and destroy Dunning Bank and Trust. The banking family’s motto “Family Integrity First and Foremost” will certainly be put to the test.

The story abounds with good and not so good characters from the inimitable Winnieford Dunning, the Matriarch of the Dunning family, Walker Dunning, Winnifred’s vengeful brother-in-law, to the conniving Corporate Accounts executive, Elaine Jacobson. My vote, however, goes to the round-the-way-girl, Gina Price, Chrystina’s sister (mother of Crystallite, Money and Lil Wayne), who does an amazing turn-around as the story progresses. You will get that when you read the story. Great characterization!

There are numerous plot twists and turns that make this story a page-turner. Kudos to Iris Bolling who wrote one heck of a story! “To be continued” are the last three words of the novel. The cliff-hanger or should I say cliff-hangers are mind-blowing!

I recommend this series. You MUST read
INVESTED first; then BANKING ON LOVE. Trust me, you will not be sorry, and you can thank me later!

16th July 2019 |