Review: Awaken The Dragon
Carina Press

November 2019
Paranormal Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: It’s here! A new series from the Queen of Paranormal Romance. A.C.Arthur introduces her latest launch into the paranormal with AWAKEN THE DRAGON. Now, I know that this genre is not for everybody, but those of us who follow this author, have come to love these unconventional romance stories. Theo Masters is the complicated owner of the Legion Security Company. Complicated? Yes! He is half human and half dragon, a Drakon, who lives as a human. Theo has been hired to escort and protect Shola N’Gara, a beautiful and equally complicated regal African woman who hales from a village located along the Niger River, is betrothed to marry a vampire. I’ll just let that marinate.

Theo is three hundred years old, and he resides in the fictional town of Burgess, Pennsylvania after coming from his previous home, a place called the Far Realm. The beast that lives within him has been dormant for about two hundred years. However, with the presence of Shola, the dragon has suddenly awakened at the “sight of Shola’s spirit”. Theo knows it, he feels it, and there is nothing he can do about it but do his job of getting Shola to her agreed upon destination and betrothed safely. Easier said than done. The storyline follows the preternatural journey of Theo and Shola as they battle against dark spirits, demons and vampires, Oh  my! Why has fate chosen these two highly skilled warriors to save the world as they know it? No spoilers here. You will discover the reason behind the reason Theo and Shola are the chosen ones. It’s a doozy of a story, and it will have you turning pages to witness the final outcome.

Despite the presence of such formidable creatures,
AWAKEN THE DRAGON is nevertheless a love story. The intense feelings between the hero and heroine is so palpable. That scene where Theo allows his dragon persona to reveal itself to Shola is unforgettable. Who knew that a dragon could be so sexy! That’s one of the reasons I love A.C Arthur’s paranormal stories. She never loses sight of the romantic storyline that captures the heart and soul of the romance reader.

The side characters compose a multi-talented supporting cast who help to move the storyline along. Each one comes with a specific power and skill that can be used for good or bad. A couple of them use theirs for bad. I am sure some of them will reappear in future stories of this series. It’s a whole new world out there, and A.C Arthur has commandeered it in the first novel of this series.

For those of you who like a challenge and a different type of romance narrative, then I highly recommend AWAKEN THE DRAGON. You can thank me later.

18th November 2019 |