Review: At The CEO's Pleasure
Harlequin Desire

January 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Leslie Whitfield | RATING:  B
REVIEW: Ayden Stewart and Maya Richardson are dealing with family dynamics that draw them together and at the same time pulls them apart. Ayden has no plans to marry and have children after growing up without his father who left his mother and never acknowledged him. Maya grew up not feeling loved by her mother.  Maya’s sister is her mother’s favorite and Maya’s mother constantly criticized Maya’s looks. A devastated Maya finds comfort in Ayden’s arms after finding her boyfriend in bed with her sister.

The characters are credible. Maya is deeply hurt by her sister’s betrayal and after 5 years she’s ready to try and rebuild their relationship, but the story doesn’t end with her completely forgiving her and living happily ever after. Ayden does not reconcile with his father and after rebuffing his sister (Fallon) after many attempts on her part to be in his life, she doesn’t just overlook his past behavior when he pays her a visit.

Ayden owns an investment company and the office scenes and business meeting at the restaurant fit well in the story. The baptism at the church and the descriptions and conversations worked well. At the beginning of the story, we see Maya outside jogging with her friend and the dialogue is authentic. The Polo game, Ayden’s house and the hospital all worked well in the story and were well written.

I enjoyed reading
AT THE CEO’S PLEASURE (The Stewart Heirs Book #1), Ayden and Maya are likeable and despite years of feeling unwanted and not loved by a parent, they are able to overcome and find love together. The pacing is a little slow and Ayden’s relationship with his father is mentioned repeatedly but we never actually meet Henry Stewart (his father).

AT THE CEO’S PLEASURE is a good story that had my heart go out to Ayden the boy, abandoned by his father and having to live with an abusive stepfather. Maya’s relationship with her mother who was unsupportive throughout her life makes you want to read on to see how she will react to her mother’s recent diagnosis.  It’s a quick read and I would read the next installment (Fallon’s story).

15th January 2019 |