Review: All For You
ALL FOR YOU - Elle Wright
Harlequin Kimani Romance

September 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Cheryl McNeil | RATING:  A+
REVIEW: Readers finally get to learn about Dr. Myles Jackson, the final Brother featured in the Jacksons of Ann Arbor series, ALL FOR YOU. Myles has been dubbed the serious twin between he and his brother, Dr. Ian Jackson. Myles is the only sibling that followed in Dr. Law's footsteps and is a successful Plastic Surgeon, however he feels like something is missing from his life. To the contrary, Aria Bell is a successful artist who is a free spirit and plays by her own rules. She is experiencing a rebirth of sorts, having recently relocated back to Michigan for a fresh start.

Ms. Wright’s writing style pulls the reader in. I love how she writes Myles and Aria’s first reactions to each other. Myles notices Aria, and her sleeve tattoo, right away. It takes a second encounter for Aria to really SEE Myles. This encounter, in addition to how he is impacted by her artwork, makes Myles eager to learn more about her. They are complete opposites on the surface but at the same time, their physical attraction to each other and their passion for the arts, draws them together.

Ms. Wright typically includes imagery to create scenes that stick with the reader. After a conversation with Myles about her art, Aria feels like “he’d split her open and squeezed her heart”. She also shows the connection in Aria’s art that she shares with the world, to the way she uses her body to artistically expresses herself. She also did not disappoint in writing a scene that involved Myles’ piano.

Aria is dealing with insecurities based on prior relationships. Myles is unsure if he is ready to share his love of music, but he knows this is the missing piece of true happiness. The road to HEA gets a little bumpy and the reader is eager to see where things lead.

Ms. Wright always weaves in historical content about her home state. A key event takes place at the Charles H. Wright Museum, which holds the largest permanent exhibit on African American culture.

The secondary characters are strong. The Jacksons and their significant others are a fun group and it’s always good to see them interact, comedic banter and all. All the Jackson men have an important figure that helped shape them. I enjoyed getting to know about Ms. Pennie and the impact she has on Myles' life. The strengths of the book, in addition to the passion between Myles and Aria, are these interactions that we get to see throughout. There is even a surprising twist with a villain that the reader will be pleasantly surprised by.
ALL FOR YOU is a very enjoyable read, and I highly recommend it.

5th September 2019 |