Review: Alibis and Angels
ALIBIS AND ANGELS - Olivia Matthews
Kensington Books

February 2019
Cozy Mystery
REVIEWER:  Wayne Jordan | RATING:  A
REVIEW: In ALIBIS AND ANGELS, Olivia Matthews takes us back to Briar Crest and the world of Sister Louise LaSalle in this wonderfully cozy, third book in The Sister Lou Series. The story begins with the murder of the mayor’s director of finance, Opal Lorrie. However, it appears that the mayor, not Opal, was the intended target. Mayor Heather Stanley confirms this, when she reveals that Opal was wearing her coat and sitting in her car. She has also been receiving threatening letters. When the mayor reaches out to Sister Lou to investigates the murder and the letters, Sis Lou at first refuses but the investigator bug has touched her and she eventually agrees and sets out with her team, her nephew Chris and reporter Shari, to find out the truth.

This story is a worthy addition to the series, which gets better with each book. The characters are likeable and there are enough twists and turns to make the mystery plot interesting. I didn’t guess until near the very end who the killer was. In fact, I felt so much a part of the story that I too was an amateur detective.

What stands out to me most in this series is the potpourri of diverse characters and personalities. Characterization is Ms. Matthews’s forte and this is definitely seen here. Sister Lou, Chris and Shari are all well-developed characters. Ms. Matthews also develops a few old characters and introduces some new ones. While Shari’s nemesis, Harold Beckett is totally annoying (let’s hope he is the victim in a later story), we get to discover more about newspaper editor Diego DeVarona and the mayor and their past relationship. Of course, Sister Marianna and the two incompetent deputies are also back! It’s great to see those characters evolve.

ALIBIS AND ANGELS is a great addition to the series. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Matthews has planned next. Give the series a try and like me, you will be hooked. I was even willing to give up sugar free chocolate for the Lenten season.

1st March 2019 |