Review: Adonis
Siri Austin Entertainment

October 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  What can I say about the inimitable Iris Bolling? She’s done it again! This addition to her Gems and Gents Series is an entertaining story that highlights Matthew Adonis Lassiter, of the prominent and affluent Lassiter family. I especially like that Matthew is a teacher, a high school coach, and an unsung hero in a family of notable heroes and sheroes. He has a serious responsibility of molding young minds and characters which he does quite well. Kudos to author Iris Bolling for featuring a member of a profession of “not so average heroes”. Matthew finds his love match in the personable and talented Leah Saxton, who is relegated to a desk job at her family-owned business headed by her misogynistic father. More about him later. When Matthew and Leah meet through their mutual friend, Principal Terry Ballard, there is no doubt that they are meant for each other. It’s electric!

Matthew and Leah’s love story is just one of the sub plots that appears in this story. While I love their journey together, the focus of this story is on three brilliant students who find themselves in detention with Coach Lassiter. Iris Bolling never ceases to amaze me with her creative storylines. When the story opens, Matthew and his brothers, Joshua and Adam are in a lot of hot water that includes Homeland Security, kidnapping a diplomat, and a charge of treason. They find themselves in the Oval Office of the President of the United States, J.D. Harrison. After the other members of the Lassiter family are ushered in, Matthew recounts the events that led to those accusations. Three students, Coco Brown, Lincoln “Mac” MacKenzie, aka the human computer, and Blayne Woodson find themselves confined to detention under the supervision of Coach Lassiter. The conversations, planning, and activities that transpire in that room result in an ingenious project that is successful, but at the same time, controversial. For sure, it is the heart and soul of this captivating story. It’s a doozy that will pull you in from the opening page to the closing page.

As far as characters go, I must mention the twelve Lassiter siblings, their spouses plus Joe and Sally, the parents. That’s enough to populate any story. However, the stand-out side character award goes to Leah’s father, Lyle Saxton, who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The explosive scene between him and Matthew is memorable. That Lassiter “never negotiate with crazy” gene shows up and sends Lyle running for the nearest exit.

I enjoyed this story. The HEA is a mix of wonderful and wonder as it ends with Luke Lassiter the center of attraction. You’ll get that when you reader the book. I recommend
THE BOOK OF MATTHEW: ADONIS for your reading pleasure.

5th October 2019 |