Review: A Tiara For Christmas
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

November 2019
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Janet Caldwell | RATING: B
REVIEW: Carolyn Hector shares a quirky tale of friends with benefits set during the holidays. Dario Crowne and Kimber Reyes have been best friends for years and have danced around the mutual attraction that everyone but them are aware of.
Kimber is a beauty queen correspondent. She travels the world reporting on pageants. She has made it clear to anyone who will listen that she doesn’t plan to stay in her hometown of Southwood, Georgia and settle down. Dario Crowne is a quintessential playa. He and his twin brother restore muscle cars and his secret hobby is creating exquisite tiaras. While Kimber is away Dario thoroughly enjoys all the benefits of being a single man in Southwood. He has made it clear that he isn’t ready to settle down.
Four storylines flow through this tale - Dario and Kimber work hard to deny their attraction; in exchange for chauffeuring her around during the holidays, Kimber agrees to help Dario decorate and kid-proof his family’s condo for the holidays; Kimber claims she is only home for the holidays to help her aunt coordinate a pageant; and Kimber is on a mission to reveal the identity of the generous person who donates tiaras to the children’s hospital and other local events.
The primary setting for this novel is Southwood. Other characters impacting this story include Darren, Dario’s twin; Lexi, Kimber’s aunt; Vin and Phillip, Kimber’s exes.
Kimber and Dario are at cross-roads. They both have a string of exes that are not worthy of permanence. They miss the fun times of being together and wonder why others can’t fill the void created during their separations. It’s Christmas time and magical things happen to romance this time of year - and no matter how hard they try; Kimber and Dario can’t escape the magic.

24th November 2019 |