Review: A Lesson in Romance
LESSONS IN LOVE - A Lesson in Romance - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing

February 2019
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  LESSONS IN LOVE is ingeniously divided into two stories: A Lesson In Romance and A Lesson In Seduction. The setting for these two stories is Bantu Academy, a school devoted to Black excellence. These two stories not only explore the critical relationships between teachers, students, administrators, and parents, but they also explore love relationships between adults. Author, D Camille, does an outstanding job in presenting these relationships in two stellar stories.

In the first story,
A Lesson in Romance, we are reunited with Leslie Benson, a side character we initially met in The Creators Series. Leslie has recovered from a horrific car accident that left her paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Leslie’s half-sister, Sydney and her husband Curtis Kendall V (ACT THREE -The Creators Series) convince Leslie to undergo a medical procedure that enables her to walk again. Now, Leslie is starting life anew as an art teacher at Bantu Academy. Although Leslie is somewhat insecure about having to use a cane, she is determined to take full advantage of her “new” life status, and give her best to the students of the academy. I loved Leslie’s story because her character is ready to discover everything that life has to offer. It’s not long before she discovers the new history teacher, Caelum Bannaka. What a couple they make! Caelum is a walking history lesson himself as you will discover when you read the story. He is also a Khemetic Historian which he incorporates into how he lives, educates, and loves. Leslie becomes his prize student as they realize that the universe has brought them together. Leslie and Caelum’s love of teaching is culminated in a Black History program at the Academy that offers a truthful and valuable lesson to everyone in attendance. On another note, Leslie and Caelum together bring the heat. Their personal love journey is sensual and steamy.

The side characters are comprised of old and new characters. The old characters from the
Creators Series, and new characters who work at Bantu Academy and who are Caelum’s friends and family members. There is, without a doubt, a connection between the Creators Series and this series. If you haven’t read the Creators Series: ACTS ONE, TWO and THREE, I suggest you add those books to your TBR pile. You can thank me later.

The HEA for Leslie and Caelum is wonderful. The lessons learned are steeped in Black culture and Black love. In everything D. Camille writes, the message of “Black Love, Black Life, and Black Knowledge” is emphasized through characters, dialogue and every plot point. I recommend
LESSONS IN LOVE, but I strongly suggest that you read the Creators Series first

1st March 2019 |