Review: A Secret Desire
A SECRET DESIRE - Kaia Danielle
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February 2018
Historical Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: B+
REVIEW: In this second Novella of the Decades series, author Kaia Danielle explores a very intriguing storyline. The heroine of this story, Halle Duncan, is recently widowed and a part of an elite segment of society in Washington D.C. circa 1910. Halle looks forward to returning to her family’s beach resort, Repose By The Sea, which is a beach retreat for “people of color” located on the Jersey Shore. The resort has been in Halle’s family for generations. As you read the story, you will discover the reason that Halle is eager to leave Washington’s privileged society behind.

In keeping with the romantic element of this fascinating series, the widowed heroine is pursued by Dr. Nick Green, a young physician whose mentor was none other than Halle’s deceased husband. They make quite a pair as their relationship defies the norms of a society that frowns upon the younger man-older woman relationship. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop Nick from “accompanying” Halle to her family’s resort. Kudos to the author who adeptly incorporates this trope into the story.

The fact that there were well-established African American beach resorts as early as 1910’s is thought-provoking. This historical fact is the heart and soul of this story. It captured my attention, and thanks to the references provided at the end of the novella, I can read more about the history of the early all Black beach resorts.

A SECRET DESIRE is a captivating story, but the ending seemed rushed. I had questions that could have been answered with the addition of one more chapter. For example, is Nick able to establish a successful practice on Cape May where the resort is located? What happened to that lascivious Attorney who wants Halle for himself?

Aside from that, I enjoyed
A SECRET DESIRE. It’s a wonderful addition to this series, and I look forward to reading more of the Decades’ stories. I recommend for your reading pleasure, A SECRET DESIRE.

1st March 2018 |