Review: Yours Forever
YOURS FOREVER - Sherelle Green
Amazon Digital
September 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: How do you know when a story is going to bring it? Well, one way you know is when the first line of The Prologue reads like this: “There are two things in life that a woman always needs to have in her possession: her sanity and her punani.” Talented writer, Sherelle Green certainly has a way with words, and she knows how to weave a good story. The first book of the Once Upon A Bridesmaid series features Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Cannon, the sexy heroine and Alexander Carter, the celibate hero.  Wait a minute…. How is this going to work? No spoilers, you have to read the story.

The small lake town of Rosewood Heights, South Carolina is the main setting for this story, as well as the other three in this series. Rosewood Heights is the hometown of five long-time friends who are gathered at a beautiful wedding venue to witness and participate in the wedding of Ava, the first of the pack to get married. The bridesmaids, Quinn, Mac, Ryleigh, and Raven find themselves engaged in a conversation spurred by the consummate romantic, Quinn, about their single status. Ultimately, their conversation leads to a pact that both Ryleigh and Mac reluctantly toast to that within a year’s time they will all be happily married. Let the fun begin!

So, back to Mac and Alex… their story unfolds when Mac makes an intentional pass at Alex in anticipation of a great one-night stand to end a great weekend. However, what starts as a fling, turns into so much more.  Now here is where it gets interesting. A couple of months after their very steamy encounter, Alex company’s Senior Project Development Manager, having no idea about Mac and Alex’s history, hires Mac, who is a Feng-Shui Consultant, to redesign the firm’s offices. Now, to say the least, Alex plans on making the most of their time together as he persuades Mac that not only his firm needs redecorating, but also his home, and as the saying goes, “It’s on and poppin’.”

There are two aspects that I particularly enjoyed in this story. First, there is Alex’s pursuit of Mac. We learn so much about what makes those two tick. Their family backgrounds play an important part in their relationship. Secondly, I like how Alex figured out Mac’s modus operandi of how she ended previous relationships. You’ll get that when you read the story.

The side characters were great in helping to move the storyline. Friends and family play major roles in the lives of the heroine and hero. Then there is Dennis, one of Mac’s former friends-with-benefits. There is a very awkward moment between Dennis, Mac and Alex that serves as a critical turning point in the story. What about the HEA you ask? You will find out when you read the story if Mac and Alex’s story is meant to be forever.

YOURS FOREVER is a great story to begin this series. Author, Sherelle Green does an adept job at introducing the reader to the bridesmaids who make up this series. I can’t wait to read Book 2. In the meantime, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of YOURS FOREVER, Book 1, and get to know Mac and Alex. You will not be disappointed.

18th October 2017 |