Review: The Twin
THE TWIN - D. Camille
Sable Sistars Publishing
March 2017
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Each of the three books in The Black Land Series penned by the prolific D Camille Maat has conveyed a powerful social message that affects the African American community. In the first book, THE LION, the hero has to “ tackle government corruption and systematic racism”. THE BULL, the second installment, deals with entrepreneurship in the Black community and the importance of creating a healthier environment by providing healthy choices (medical, environmental and food sources) for the people who live in the community. In the third book of the series, THE SCALES, the hero and heroine “tackle community policing and corruption”. Now, in the fourth book, THE TWIN, the author tackles a delicate subject that although prevalent, is often spoken of in quiet tones and sometimes swept under the proverbial rug. In true D Camille style, she lays it out, and the reader is in for an engrossing story.

Khalil Lewis, the intense ‘Black first’ community oriented Negus, finds himself in a fight where he must utilize and depend on the very system that he fights against. Although he has many titles, the one he is most proud of his father to his son, Kyros. Khalil has always taken full responsibility for Kyros and, with the help of a wonderful support group, has raised him and made him his number one priority. Not even the duties and responsibilities that accompany being the founder and director of a thriving community center lessens the father-son bond that Khalil establishes with his son. That bond is threatened when Kyros’ mother, Melody, suddenly appears one day, after a three years absence, to demand that she, along with her fiancé, be allowed to become a part of Kyros’ life. Khalil isn’t having it, nor is his twin sister, Khayla, their parents, the Negus, or the Nigist. Khalil takes his fight to court in order to legally dismiss the attempt by Melody and her mysterious fiancé to take Kyros with them to another state. It is in the court room where Khalil encounters Judge Danielle Baxter, who is presiding over the preliminary proceedings for visitation rights. Although the Judge’s ruling to investigate Melody’s accusations is in Khalil’s favor, Khalil is suspicious of the reason Melody and her wealthy fiancé are so insistent on taking Kyros. The Negus go into full action mode, and their discovery through surveillance and investigation is astonishing. Meanwhile, The Honorable Judge Baxter and Khalil get to know one another better and a relationship is forged. As a matter of fact, their relationship catapults to a romantic union where she becomes his Queen and he becomes her King. But what is this astonishing and shocking information they discover about Melody’s fiancé? No spoilers. However, I will say that it is disgusting and sends Khalil into full Black Panther mode taking no prisoners.

The backstory that's revealed from one of the worker’s at the community center that Khalil runs  lends a lot of credibility to the atrocity that is exposed in this story. It’s a story that has it all, romance, suspense, and consciousness.

I highly recommend
THE TWIN. It can be read as a stand alone, but as I always say, read the previous books in the series to obtain familiarity with the characters who reappear and to establish continuity. You will enjoy it, I guarantee.

17th March 2017 |