Review: Maybe
MAYBE - Joy Avery
Amazon Digital
June 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: MAYBE is the second installment of the Lassiter Sisters stories, and once again we are in Mount Pleasance, North Carolina. This time, the focus is on Rana Lassiter, talented artist and sister to Gadiya and Sadona. Her love interest is newcomer to the city, Dallas Fontaine, a suave and sexy fireman. Is there a mutual attraction at first sight? Yes! Does Dallas plan to pursue the lovely Rana? Yes! Is Rana all in? Maybe!

Dallas is determined that Rana will be his, mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, that is more than Rana is willing to give. Sex? Sure, she can do that, but that’s not enough for the relentless Dallas. It’s all or nothing. As the storyline unfolds, we find that Rana has not completely gotten over a failed love affair that left her turned off to total surrender.  We also discover some very interesting facts about Dallas and his family. I won’t give anything away, so you will have to read the story. However, I will say this, in true Joy Avery style, there is a very serious subject matter that involves Dallas interjected into this contemporary romance. The weighty subplot that the author aptly explores, serves to advance the storyline, gives it another layer, and helps to make the story real. Furthermore, it only manages to slow the progress to a successful and heartwarming HEA for the protagonists that you are going to love. No spoilers, but you’ll get it when you read the story.

In addition to the Rana’s family, we are introduced to Dallas’ family. His mother and brother, Dallas, play significant supporting roles. Yes, Greenville also appears in this story. What a great character! The minor characters definitely help to advance the storyline.

The second novella,
MAYBE, featuring another Lassiter sister is an enjoyable read. Since MAYBE resumes where NEVER (Book 1) ends, I recommend that you read them in order

1st July 2017 |