Review: Love By Delivery
Generations Press Quest
February 2017
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING:  B
REVIEW: LOVE BY DELIVERY is a sweet African American Christian Romance story set in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. In this story, Author Pat Simmons answers the question, “Can a Christian find a mate who is equally yoked?”

Dominique Hayes, the heroine of the story, is doing all the right things, according to her religious belief, to wait on a mate who shares her belief in God. She attends church regularly, prays, reads the Bible, and socializes with other Christian singles. Yet, at the age of thirty-three, Dominique is getting a little discouraged. Although she is grateful for good health, a wonderful family, a bestie who is also waiting for her Christian mate, and a “condo, a car, and a salary”, there is one thing missing, a husband. In steps Ashton, Taylor, a Christian man also waiting for God to show him his future mate. Ashton is a delivery man for a large logistics company. After he sees Dominique when he delivers a package to her home, he is convinced that she is the mate he’s been waiting for. The storyline follows these two Christians and their problems while forging a relationship that does not go against their Christian principles.

The minor characters are all Christian men and women who help to advance the storyline by offering advice and lending the proverbial shoulder to lean on to the hero and heroine as they cultivate a relationship. These characters include Dominique and Ashton’s parents, siblings and friends. Dominique’s best friend, Paige, stands out as a future heroine of her own story. She is also seeking a Christian mate like her friend.

As I previously stated, this is a sweet romance story. If you are not into Christian romances, then this story is not for you. The author frequently interjects scripture to deliver a point, which has a tendency to make the story a bit preachy. However, keep in mind that it is a clean romantic story that delivers a message to Christian singles. If you are looking for a story in this genre, then you will enjoy
LOVE BY DELIVERY, and I recommend it.

10th February 2017 |