How to Steal The Lawman's Heart
Harlequin Special Edition
February 2017
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: HOW TO STEAL THE LAWMAN’S HEART is a sweet contemporary story set in a sweet small southern town, Sweet Briar, North Carolina. It is the first book in the Sweet Briar Sweethearts series. The story features the heroine, Carmen Shields and the hero, Chief of Police, Trenton Knight. Despite its name, Sweet Briar holds some very bitter sweet memories for Carmen.

At the age of 18, Carmen had to leave Sweet Briar, North Carolina because of youthful indiscretions that culminated in a tragic event. Now, it’s seven years later; she is back after living in New York, because her mother has died. However, Carmen is still not welcomed by her family nor some of the citizens. The internal conflict that she is grappling with and somehow must overcome is exacerbated by the hero, Trent who sees Carmen as Public Enemy #1. The tragic death of his wife is connected to the events that led to Carmen leaving town. Trent’s character is hard-nosed and dogmatic. He believes what he believes, and that’s it. However, something happens to transform his opinion of Carmen and to soften his stance concerning his teenage daughter. Needless to say, Carmen and Trent are attracted to each other in spite of the devastating circumstances that threaten to keep them apart. No spoilers, you must read the story. Author Kathy Douglass does an admirable job in bringing these two characters to a pivotal crossroad in order to resolve their issues and move forward.

The minor characters are an eclectic bunch who hold a lot of promise for more stories to come. There are a few who stand out like Joni, the director of Sweet Briar’s youth center. She befriends Carmen instead of treating her like a pariah. There is the mysterious Damon who literally saves Carmen’s life when he finds her down and out in New York. I can’t leave out Carmen’s family; her father and two sisters. How much longer will they turn their backs on Carmen? Well, I’ll stay tuned to see where the future Sweet Briar storylines take us.

I enjoyed this sweet story and I recommend it.

22nd January 2017 |