Review: Wrapped In A Donovan
Artistry Publishing
December 2015
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING:  A
REVIEW: No one is more surprised than Jenise Langley, a seasoned trial attorney managing her family‚Äôs Miami office, when she and debonair businessman Savian Donovan go from aloof business associates to secret lovers in a few hours. While their sexual encounters are immensely pleasing to both, there is no intimacy outside the bedroom or future expectations between them. This suits them both until Jenise has to defend Savian on murder charges. Subtle changes happen to the discreet couple as they share who they are beyond their profession demeanors.  Jenise begins to feel emotions that can derail her from her independent lifestyle. Savian finds Jenise is always creeping into his thoughts unexpectedly, making him smile as he remembers the little things that make her special. Will the couple be able to overcome the demons haunting their pasts and presents and forge a future together that is happily and uniquely theirs?

Ms. Arthur has penned a captivating story filled with red-hot chemistry, emotions that dig deep, and tinged with twisty suspense. Jenise, full-figured sassy competent professional woman, has a secret which binds her heart, and parental expectations which frustrates her as they do not value her accomplishments. Jenise is hard on herself and careful in guarding her independence. Jenise is also very perceptive and is able to see beyond the guarded Savian. I enjoyed her spunkiness when she decided to want more from her relationship with Savian. It was wonderful to watch Savian break down these barriers for her and allow her to form new memories to replace old ones. Savian treasured Jenise in his own unassuming way that generated genuine happiness from Jenise. Savian with past secrets of his own and a murder charge also has to contend with a vendetta against his family. Through this troubled time for him, he finds respite being with Jenise. As the couple share intimacies, Savian realizes their relationship is more than just sex and reexamines what is important in his life. Their sex scenes are rich and satisfying making hearts pound and pulse quicken.

Twists, turns, suspicions, mishaps continue to plague the Donovan family as they attempt to unravel who and why their family is targeted. This interconnected ongoing series plot line is heating up as the Senior Donovans know it is imminent know they have to come clean with their children.

WRAPPED IN A DONOVAN is the 12th book in the Donovan series and is set primarily in Miami. This book is a delicious treat for series fans and will have fans anticipating future books in the series.

I recommend
WRAPPED IN A DONOVAN to readers who enjoy a layered powerful tale of love with a blend of naughtiness and heart and a healthy dosage of suspense.

20th April 2016 |