Review:  Vengeful Vows
VENGEFUL VOWS - Parker J. Cole
eLectio Publishing
June 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: Multiple plot twists that include sinister characters, murder, blackmail, rape, mayhem, a tarantula, spider webs, confessions, redemption and forgiveness. You will find all of this and more in the novel, VENGEFUL VOWS by Parker J Cole. The final book of the Sins of the Flesh series is a blockbuster that delves into the netherworld of revenge at any and all costs. The theme of this novel is taken from a Bible verse: “Do not say ‘I will repay evil,’ Wait for the Lord, and He will save you.” Proverbs 20:22. However, the author plunges us into a world where people’s lives are devastated and in some cases destroyed when they do not adhere to this command.

The storyline follows the vengeful plans of one, Daffodil Simmons. She, along with misguided Vincent Miller (from Book 2
THE OTHER MAN), plot to break up her father’s family, the Martins, and in return, reunite Vincent with Leah Martin Westwood, his former lover. Together, with the help of Leah’s wicked mother-in-law Latina, they weave a web of deceit and mistrust. Leah and her husband, Jacob’s marriage becomes the prime target.  During the course of the storyline, we learn, through cleverly revealed scenarios, about Daffodil’s background and how it has shaped her to become a maniacal, devious “spider lady”. (You will get that reference when you read the book.) However, Daffodil is not the only web master in this story. Her mentor, Tomaso, has his own agenda of revenge that wields more havoc. There is an abundance of evil intentions and dark deeds hovering and striking in this story, but there is also the presence of light, forgiveness, and the power of redemption that overwhelms and eventually overcomes the multiple covert schemes. It is this power that eventually convicts and even converts the darkest characters.

Familiar characters from
MANY STRANGE WOMEN (Book 1) and THE OTHER MAN (Book 2) are present because the ties of marriage have forged a tight knit bond between the families. The new minor characters who are introduced in this story play dynamic roles as they become entwined in the snares of revenge.  Daffodil is the protagonist of VENGEFUL VOWS, just as her two half-sisters Celeste and Leah respectively were the main characters of their stories.

This story is a page turner, and you never know what may happen on the next page. It’s a roller coaster ride for sure, and I loved it! It’s Christian fiction without being preachy, and a solid story with many layers. Kudos to the author, Parker J Cole, for this entertaining tale with a message.
You must read Books 1 & 2, however, before you read this book, or you will be lost. 
VENGEFUL VOWS is not a stand alone. I highly recommend it so treat yourself. You won’t be sorry!

16h June 2016 |