Review: Under The Bali Moon
Harlequin Kimani Romance

May 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming| RATING:  C
REVIEW: When Zena Shaw was in college her heart was broken by Adan Douglass.  The two of them had loved each other since they were in their teens.  Their plan was always to go to law school and then open a practice together, but it never happened because Adan ended their relationship.  Years later, Zena and Adan’s siblings are planning to get married in Bali.  Zena wants to support her baby sister, but she doesn’t want to see the man who chose his career over their love.  Even after Adan destroyed their future, Zena still loves him.  Adan regrets his actions and realize what a huge mistake he made when he broke off things with Zena.  At the time he thought he was doing the right thing for both of them.  With his younger brother getting married, Adan plans to use the island paradise of Bali to recapture what he and Zena once had.

Zena is an overachiever who has realized her dream of becoming a very successful attorney.  She is a natural worrier and has the tendency to nag the ones she love a little too much.  She worked very hard to get where she is.  The last thing she needs is for the past to rear its head and make her relive all those old memories and feelings she had for the one man who owns her heart.

Adan is a successful attorney in his own right.  He has a bright future ahead.  He has almost everything he wants.  But Adan knows that something is missing or rather someone. He is a man with regrets.  He knows that he made a terrible mistake a long time ago.  But if he has his way he will rectify that mistake very soon if it’s not too late.

UNDER THE BALI MOON is well written and it has great characters and I enjoyed reading the story.  The premise is that Zena and Adan still love each other after being apart for years. The island backdrop is the perfect place for a romantic reunion.  But I feel that Zena and Adan’s relationship is lacking a very important ingredient.  I didn't feel or sense any real chemistry or passion between them.  Their interactions feel more like friends who lost touch with each other rather than individuals who were once in love.  I would like to have seen a more aggressive attitude from Adan to reclaim the woman he still loves.  I’ve read this author’s work before and they have always been good reads so I was a little disappointed in this book.  I like Ms. Octavia’s writing and her stories are always interesting so I will continue to follow her as she gives us more stories to immerse ourselves into.

15th August 2016 |