Review: The Shield
HER SHIELD - D. Camille
Saber Sistas Publishing
April  2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: She’s back! As promised, D. Camille has penned the sequel to the Black Diamond Series. Book 1 of The Uncut Series is HER SHIELD. The Black Diamonds, Jordan, Sean and Ray are now married, starting families, and making plans to retire from their business of protecting those who could not protect themselves. However, before they can retire, they must make sure that the business continues by recruiting and training a new group. The first test of the new, “uncut, rough and unpolished” recruits is the story HER SHIELD.

Special Agent, Marcus Graham, the hero of the story, is called upon by his mentor, Black Diamond Ray Parker, to shield Isis Martin, the heroine, from those who are out to harm her. Both Marc and Isis are characters from the previous series, and part of the new uncut diamonds. Iron Man (Marc) and The Mighty Isis make a formidable team as they work together to protect Isis. The rising action begins with Chapter 1 and continues to climb with each new chapter as a multitude of intriguing plot twists and turns, mysterious characters, resurrected characters, family drama, murder and mayhem abound. Without revealing any spoilers, I can safely assure my fellow readers that two memorable characters from the previous series, Trent and Callie, are members of the elite Uncut diamonds. This story lacks nothing.  There are characters who have interesting back stories, and quirky personality traits. There are not only moments of extreme situations that are make or break, do or die and require split second decisions, but also moments of tenderness as new life makes its debut into the world. I can’t leave out the characters who are literally brought back from the dead. But rest assured, fans, the recurring theme is in full effect:  Everything is not as it appears.

HER SHIELD, The Uncut Series, is a sure-fire winner. D Camille, the talented writer, gives us a story that is entertaining, riveting and leaves you wanting more.  I highly recommend it, and I look forward (with eager anticipation) to reading the next installment in this series.  If you are not familiar with the first three books, get them, read them, and then read HER SHIELD. You can thank me later.

8th April 2016 |