Review: The Representive's Revolt
Liliaceae Press
January 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Piper Huguley’s Historical Inspirational Romance novel, THE REPRESENTATIVE’S REVOLT, presents a realistic depiction of the Post-Civil War Period known today as the Reconstruction Era. It was a time of victories and defeats for African Americans who were forging a life for themselves without the stigma of slavery. The story, of course, is set in the South in the year 1871, and it starts in Atlanta, Georgia where the hero, Virgil Smithson, finds himself in a life changing situation. What happens to the legislator in the beginning pages of this novel will affect not only his life, but also that of his family, friends and the citizenry he represents.

Since this is the third novel in this series, the author does a more than adequate job in supplying bits of background information from the previous books. The reader understands that even though this story chronicles the trials and tribulations of the hero, it also focuses on the heroine, Amanda Smithson, who has put her life dreams and plans on hold to support her husband in his quest to represent the people of Milford, Georgia, in the State House of Representatives. Actually this series records the life of Amanda Smithson, née Stewart, Oberlin College graduate.

When Virgil meets with an unfortunate attempt on his life, Amanda steps forward and relocates her family back to the small town of Milford, Georgia, in hopes of saving her husband and their future together. There are many layers to this story that enhance the storyline: the political war between Republican Radicals and those who oppose their post-civil war effort, the difficulties associated with educating the newly freed slaves, and the manner in which some Blacks viewed the old way of life (slavery) vs. the new way of life (freedom), just to name a few.  The author skillfully melds them to write a compelling story.

Characterization is another key aspect of this story that the author, Piper Huguley, utilizes to give us a memorable historical side characters like Henry McNeal Turner, who became a AME Bishop, Governor Rufus Bullock who was chased from office, and Francis Ellen Watkins Harper, noted 19th Century abolitionist and writer. The fictional characters are just as memorable. One that stands out is the sinister, villainous Charlie who has no redeeming qualities.

As with any good Historical Romance, the reader is not only entertained, but educated. I enjoyed the continuing love story of Virgil and Amanda. If you have not had the opportunity to read the novels of this series, I highly recommend that you add these books to your TBR list. THE REPRESENTATIVE’S REVOLT is an excellent read, and I look forward to the fourth novel.

17th January 2016 |