Review: The Lion
THE LION - D. Camille
Saber Sistars Publishing
January 2016
REVIEWER:   Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: THE LION, Book 1 of The Black Land Series is set in Detroit, Michigan, the ‘D’. D Camille anchors her story in a city that is fighting to regain its prominence as a viable, attractive, crime fighting city. This is a very appropriate setting for this urban tale of mystery, suspense, black love and romance.

The author supplies us with two characters as the hero and heroine, who are equally strong in their convictions to help make Detroit a safe and vibrant first-class city for its citizens and visitors. Orion (Rion) Shaw, aka The Lion, aka a young god, returns to his hometown after a successful professional baseball career determined to purchase a baseball franchise for his hometown. He has been raised by his mother and stepfather in the Khemetic beliefs, and he, along with a band of like-minded brothers, is determined to see his hometown flourish again.

The plot revolves around the fact that there are powers that be who do not want to see an African American owning a major baseball franchise, and they will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening; even to the point of threatening Orion’s life. In steps our heroine, Prosecuting Attorney, Tauri Patterson who has made it her life’s work to rid her beloved Detroit of criminal elements that would impede its progress. These are two high-powered characters who are instantly attracted to each other. Their blazing love affair has to take a back seat at times as they work together to uncover who is trying at all costs to eliminate Rion Shaw. Mystery, mayhem and intrigue abound!

The side characters who help propel the storyline are dynamic characters in their own right. Family plays an important role in this story. There’s Orion’s community family that forms the Negus, an organization of African American men who work behind the scenes to fight crime, promote goodwill, and protect their community. These “Kings”, Corvus, Orion’s younger brother, Brandon, the County’s Prosecutor; Khalil, the community center director; and Lance, successful entrepreneur are intrinsically tied into the plot. Then there are our hero and heroine’s familial relatives who are also key players in this story. There are also cameo appearances by characters from
The Black Diamond Series who offer their many talents to assist our hero and heroine. Let’s not forget the bad guys. The fast paced plot abounds with these miscreants who are determined to undermine the good guys at every turn. The Epilogue is a doozie.

D Camille’s first installment,
THE LION, of her second series is a sure-fire winner! Her fans have been eagerly looking forward to this series after The Black Diamond Series. She did not disappoint. This series has all the earmarks of another award winning adventure into crime fighting, D Camille style. THE LION is a great read and I highly recommend it. As D Camille so aptly puts it, “It’s a realm where all things are possible and nothing is ever as it appears”.

1st February 2016 |