Review:  The Bull
THE BULL - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing
JUNE 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: We are back in the ‘D’ (Detroit, Michigan) fighting crime, falling in love, displaying solidarity and pride, and hanging with some of the baddest brothers in print. THE BULL features Negus member, Lance Johnson, self-made entrepreneur, stubborn as a bull, and lover of Dr. Khayla Imani “Katydids” Lewis, Naturopathic Medical Doctor, and Nigist. Their romance is certainly one of the highlights of this novel. Lance and Khayla’s smoking H-O-T love scenes are the business.

The central storyline and conflict revolve around a failed attempt to kill Lance. The Negus, Orion, Corvus, Brandon and Khalil immediately close ranks and wait for Lance to recover. Their next move will be to seek justice against the perpetrators who harmed one of their own. The Negus is not the only ones who go into full out war mode. Khayla, upon hearing the details of who shot Lance, declares war on the doomed soul who had the nerve to shoot her King in the back. It’s on and the Queen is taking no prisoners! With the help of some women, who like herself, are deeply in love with men who are down for the cause of their people, she unapologetically “handles” the situation. I will not say anymore; I’ll leave it right there, and let you read it for yourself. No spoilers!

Along with the central plot, are the numerous subplots that involve minor characters that help to complete this second installment of the Black Land series. Lance’s mother, Patricia Johnson, along with his brother Miles have issues that they need to work out and work on. One of the themes of D Camille’s stories is the importance of the welfare of the family. We see this in the way Lance cares for his family. Speaking of minor characters, George Shaw, father of Corvus and Orion, exemplifies another theme that is prevalent in D Camille’s novels, and it’s that ‘things are not always as they appear to be’. In the story we learn that George is the owner of a chain of African Bookstores, but it's disclosed that his true background is only known by a very small circle. It will be interesting to find out more about that background. Another subplot involves the scenario of promoting a healthy lifestyle in the black community. Khayla, along with Lance, works to open a coop in the community that will provide healthy food choices, and she has to overcome opposition from outside and inside the black community to bring it to fruition. I can’t leave out the knowledge that the author drops that enhances the contemporary focus of the storyline, like the plight of the Black farmers in this country and the tragedy in Flint. I love a story that entertains as well as educates.

As you can see there is a lot going on in
THE BULL, and it all comes together as the prolific wordsmith, D Camille Maat takes us into the world of the new found heroes of romance, the Negus. Let me not leave out the new heroines of romance, the Nigist. If for some reason you have not had a chance to acquaint yourself with this author’s works, do yourself a favor and get with it. You are missing out on some fantastic reading. Fa’sho!

28nd June 2016 |