Review: Tempting The Heiress
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Martha Kennerson scores a winner with the final installment in The Blake Sisters series. This trilogy focuses on the wealthy, beautiful and highly accomplished Blake triplets who are heirs to a Houston, Texas billion-dollar international security firm. TEMPTING THE HEIRESS is the unrequited love story of Dr. Felicia Blake, a CIA medical research scientist and long-time friend cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Griffin Kaile.

Felicia and Griffin were study buddies and platonic friends in medical school.  As and an upperclassman, Griffin served as mentor to the timid and insecure Felicia. After medical school they went their separate ways, but each indiscreetly kept tabs on the other’s career and whereabouts never admitting or acting upon their secret affection for the other.

In the last installment,
SEDUCING THE HEIRESS, Felicia is summoned to Atlanta after learning she is a beneficiary in the will of her best friend from medical school who recently succumbed to cancer.  Surprisingly, her inheritance is a beautiful nine-month old baby girl who shares the same gray eyes as her secret crush, Griffin.

Felicia and Griffin’s story is my favorite novel in this series and earns Kennerson high praise for the unique and compassionate storyline. Kennerson’s engaging writing style aptly draws the reader into the story of two people who ignore their mutual feelings only to be united under very unique circumstances. Felicia’s best friend concocts a devious plan to have Griffin’s baby, but it’s redeemed when she repents and uses the baby as a catalyst to unite this indecisive couple.  My only concern is given the high profile professions of Felicia and Griffin, I expected more resistance from them to accept a baby in their lives.

The setting for this story is primarily Atlanta.  In addition to our main characters, secondary characters include Valerie, Felicia’s deceased friend; adorable Alyia, the unexpected blessing; Felicia’s endearing sisters, Farah and Francine, their parents and Griffin’s parents, particularly his meddling mother. After the lackluster
SEDUCING THE HEIRESS, I’d say Kennerson got this one right - the old adage “the third time’s a charm” holds true.  I recommend this warm and fuzzy story, but read the trilogy to experience the Blake triplets in full effect.

7th November 2016 |