Review: Tell No Lies
TELL ME LIES - Michelle Lindo-Rice
Brown Girl Faith
January 2016
REVIEWER:   Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: In TELL ME LIES, Nothing But The Truth Series, Book 1, the author, Michelle Lindo-Rice skillfully utilizes forgiveness, family, faith, and friendship as themes that serve as a framework to build a compelling story. The story is set in the community of Port Charlotte, Florida. Since Florida is considered a Bible Belt state, the setting is quite appropriate.

The storyline evolves from the tenets of transformation and forgiveness. The major and minor characters experience life-changing situations that eventually lead them closer to God. First, we meet Pastor Noah Charleston, the hero of this story, under unusual circumstances. He is a young man who is confined in a Juvenile Delinquent Center and aligns himself with a group of delinquents he considers his family. His journey from a delinquent to a disciple begins after he is rescued by his only living blood relative, his grandfather. The heroine, Sydney Richardson, a successful lawyer, is struggling to rebound from being jilted by her ex-fiancé. She meets the now prominent Pastor Noah under not so friendly conditions, but there’s an instant mutual attraction that neither can deny which leads to a love connection. Let me point out here that Sydney is African American and Noah is Caucasian. This difference in their ethnic backgrounds plays a key factor in the closing action of the story.

The minor characters have very dynamic and prime roles that not only propel the plot, but also solidify the concept of transformation. From Sydney’s mother Janine, her best friend Belinda, her ex-fiancé Lance, to her present love, Noah, we see that lies of commission and omission must be exposed and completely forgiven. Sydney certainly has her share of “come to Jesus moments” with each of these characters. Plus, there’s an intriguing element of mystery at play which serves as an unexpected feature that enhances the plot.

I enjoy this story, and I highly recommend it. Michelle Lindo-Rice presents real-life characters who have flaws, weaknesses, and mis-steps, but they manage to forgive, forget and ultimately find God and peace.
TELL ME LIES is an excellent work of Women’s Christian Fiction, and it’s the first book in the series. I look forward to Book 2.

4th January 2016 |