Review: Silken Embrace
December 2015
REVIEWER:   Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Zuri Day creates strong male characters that embody deliciously irresistible attributes. Wealthy playboy, Terrell Drake, Vice President of sales and marketing for Drake Realty, is no exception. In her latest episode of the Drakes of California, Day unites Terrell with Aliyah Robinson for a passion-filled tale that produces undeniable sparks at their first meeting.

SILKEN EMBRACE returns to posh Paradise Cove, California, the home of the Drake Dynasty.  The billionaire family staunchly believes in giving back through community involvement. Consequently, despite working more than full-time at the realty company, Terrell volunteers at the community center bearing his family’s name. A calculated meeting at the center connects Terrell with an intriguing staunchly goal-oriented single mother that he vows to get to know better. The object of his desire is Aliyah, mother to precocious five-year-old Kyle and a resident in a fast-tracked residency program in anesthesiology.

Aliyah’s hectic schedule as a single mother, student and resident leaves her little time down time. However, after meeting “Silky” Terrell her defenses are immobilized and the undeniable chemistry clearly reveals she could use a “friend with benefits”.  So, they mutually agree to be “friends” when it’s convenient.

I enjoyed Aliyah and Terrell’s characters.  Aliyah isn’t demure, doesn’t play hard to get and isn’t awestruck by the Drake’s wealth, making her a perfect complement to the confident and cocky Terrell.  The sexy banter between the two left me frequently mouthing “Alright now!”. Other characters impacting this story include their respective immediate families, particularly Terrell’s perceptive mother, Jennifer; Aliyah’s mentor and best friend, Lauren; and her gifted son Kyle.

A child custody back story adds dimension making this more than just a romance story.  Elements of deceit, manipulation, distrust, strength and courage are woven in.  The story’s pacing is appropriate as is Paradise Cove for the setting. I did notice a possible editing glitch near the end of the story where Aliyah introduces her family to the Drakes as if it was their first encounter when actually they had met earlier in Jennifer’s hotel suite following the courtroom scene. Regardless of this inconsistency,
SILKEN EMBRACE is a perfect complement to this series.

I recommend you indulge in this seductively smooth and luxurious tale of a passionate couple, who despite their best efforts, can’t deny the unspoken attraction that exists between them.

1st February 2016 |