Review: Seduced By The Outlaw
Crimson Romance

August 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The year is 1896 and the place is Kansas City, Missouri. The setting is very appropriate for this historical romance that presents the reader with a concise picture of the times as civilization begins to find its way West. Immediately we are introduced to the heroine, Tamar Freeman, an African American crusading lady journalist who publishes a newspaper, The Advocate, dedicated to people of color. When it comes to her family’s newspaper, Tamar is all about the business of making sure that she, along with the help of her baby sister Delilah, print articles that urge progress and promote civil rights for her people. The Advocate is Tamar’s life until late one night a stranger walks into her office to place an ad.

The cryptic ad, under the guise of a “lonely hearts ad”, that he places in the newspaper is an answer to an equally cryptic one that is placed by a Pinkerton Investigator days before. Who is this stranger who manages to turn Tamar’s world inside out? He’s a complicated man who is not as he appears to be. Is he the infamous Deadwood Dick, wanted criminal, a rancher, named Amos, or a Pinkerton Detective Agent? Despite the mystery surrounding the hero of this novella, author Apollonia Lord, reveals his true identity through dialogue that develops his character. Tamar and her ‘suitor’ engage in a heated, sensual night of pleasure that appeals to the romance junkie’s heart. Not to mention the HEA ending which I will not reveal. No spoilers!

The minor characters of
SEDUCED BY THE OUTLAW include the heroine’s siblings, Priscilla, the middle sister and Delilah, the youngest. The three sisters are all equally opinionated and yet, different in their lifestyles. Delilah is a student and Priscilla is married to a man (Charles Henderson) who, to put it simply, believes a woman’s place is in the home doing “woman things”, not running a newspaper or going to school. Needless to say, Charles and Tamar do not see eye to eye on many issues of the day. We discover that the Pinkerton Investigator, Bart and the hero, Deadwood Dick aka Amos have a somewhat symbiotic relationship that is revealed as the storyline progresses. The dialogue is crisp and adds drama to the story. Lines like “Only three things were open in the dead of night: the doors of a saloon, a harlot’s legs, and the publishing office for the Kansas City Advocate”, aid in creating the tone of this historical romance.

This AA Western Historical Romance Novella (That’s a mouthful!) was a great first effort by the author Apollonian Lord. I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more. I recommend it.

1st October 2016 |