Review: Seduced By The Mogul
Harlequin Kimani Romance

March 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Morretti male charisma again proves no match for another unsuspecting female in Pamela Yaye’s sixth installment of her Morretti Millionaires series. These fine and wealthy Italian alpha males continue to melt hearts and live the American dream in what is my favorite installment to date.

Dante Morretti is the younger brother of Emilio Morretti,
SEDUCED BY MR. RIGHT, and Immanuel Morretti, SEDUCED BY THE HERO. Dante is the quintessential alpha male with all the trophies of success. At twenty-eight, he not only heads his own successful real estate development company, but is also CIO of a Fortune 500 acquisition, development and construction management company. Juggling two high profile jobs doesn’t leave much time for dating. To further complicate his life, Dante has a precocious four-year old son that is his heart and a gold digging ex-wife with a drinking problem.

Jordana Sharpe is Dante’s best friend. She is a struggling actress with limited resources and a dysfunctional family. Jordana meets Dante while dating his college friend. Their friendship continues after her relationship with the boyfriend ended. Jordana is everything Dante wants in a woman, but he has settled for the friendly camaraderie that works for both of them. Dante is a wonderful friend, however, she refuses to consider him for anything else since she has sworn off relationships to concentrate on her career and believes Dante is a womanizer.

Pamela Yaye spins a fabulous tale of transitioning from friends to lovers.  Dante and Jordana were always attracted to each but neither would admit their true feelings. Their friendship is tested to the max when Dante concocts a plan to gain full custody of his son after his brother, attorney Markos Morretti, suggests obtaining custody would be easier if he were married. Who better to marry than your best friend? On the surface that seems like a workable plan, until male ego, pride and unexpected feelings get in the way.

SEDUCED BY THE MOGUL takes place primarily in Los Angles, California. The setting is conducive for Dante and Jordan’s careers.  Other characters impacting this story include, Jordana’s family, which although broken, experience healing through Jordana’s evolution; Dante’s son, his ex-wife and his brother Markos.

I thoroughly enjoyed this installment and eagerly look forward to the next entry in the series which Yaye reveals is about Dante’s brother Markos, a wealthy Hollywood divorce lawyer. For fans of the series, Yaye remains loyal to her storyline of biracial relationships with complementing storylines.  This novel can stand alone, but treat yourself to the other installments to experience the full effect of these sensual Italian specimens.

1st August 2016 |