Review: Second Chance Seduction
Harlequin Kimani Romance

July 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Edward Talbot messed up.  His wife divorced him and took his beloved daughter. What a high price to pay for success. Over the past five years, they have managed to forge an amicable custody arrangement, but now she wants to take their daughter and move to London to reunite with her mother.  He won’t let his daughter leave the country and more importantly, he can’t stand the idea of her mother leaving either.

Monica Richardson’s newest addition to
The Talbots of Harbour Island is a perfect complement to the series and shares the touching story of Edward and Savannah -two stubborn people who don’t realize until it’s too late that they are what each other needs.

SECOND CHANCE SEDUCTION updates fans of the series on the escapades of the Talbot clan. This lively family owns a group of historic beachfront resorts on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. Their humorous banter which dominates family gatherings is realistic and representative of many family get-togethers.  Richardson’s engaging writing style draws you into the family making you feel like a part of the repartee. The parents, Paul John and Beverly, raised their children in Paul John’s native Bahamas, but one by one they leave to pursue dreams in the USA, frequently returning home to family. Other significant characters include Edward’s four siblings (he is the oldest) and Savannah’s “colorful” mother. The novel is primarily set in West Palm Beach, Florida, with enlightening trips to the Bahamas and London.

Politically ambitious Edward chose his career over his family.  As a young mother, five years ago, Savannah struggled to juggle motherhood and her career aspirations while her husband chased his dream.  The fact that his close personal assistant had her sights set on him, fueled questions about his faithfulness. Savannah decided a divorce was the only solution for her daughter to have the normal childhood she missed after her own mother left to return to her native England leaving her to be raised by her father.  Savannah and Edward manage to successfully co-parent their daughter Chloe, but when Savannah feels the urge to reestablish a relationship with her free-spirited mother all hell breaks loose.  Are Savannah’s actions emulating her mother’s and will she repeat the same mistakes?  Edward experiences a rude awakening when he realizes two of the most important people in his life are leaving the country. Dormant feelings surface and he realizes he can’t let Chloe or Savannah leave him and puts a plan in motion to reunite his family.

I highly recommend
SECOND CHANCE SEDUCTION.  It isn't necessary to read books one and two of the series, but I encourage you to do so in order to experience the rich Bahamian culture, family, celebration and food that is prominent in the series.

1st October 2016 |