Review: Any Time You Need Me
Harlequin Kimani Romance

June 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: They are total opposites.  By their own admission, they are like oil and water.  Pretentious Ike Drake, Jr. and rambunctious Quinn Taylor meet by accident - literally.  In SAPPHIRE ATTRACTION, Zuri Day continues her precious material themed adventures set in quaint Paradise Cove, California.

Quinn is independent and uninhibited.  Her free-spirited boundless lifestyle raises eyebrows in conservative Paradise Cove.  She is the granddaughter of a local matriarch and daughter of a prominent judge. Despite her impetuous behavior and equally reckless driving record, Quinn is highly educated with dual graduate degrees.  Paradise Cove will never be the same since her arrival and neither will its most eligible bachelor, Ike Drake.

Ike is ten years older than Quinn and is an “old soul”.  He loves vintage cars, jazz and predictability. He is the COO of the Drake Realty Company and a high-profile community leader.  Ike recently ended a predictable ten-year relationship that had run its course.  His demanding career and community commitments don’t leave much time for dating and another relationship isn’t on his radar. He is content with his ordinary existence.

Ike’s predictable world is turned upside down when Quinn rams his expensive vintage car.  This accident invigorates his suppressed feelings for her which he masks behind a lawsuit for the damages. Ike wins his lawsuit, and to make matters worse, the judge orders Quinn to perform community service at his company.  Quinn’s community service ultimately benefits Drake Realty in ways they never imagined and redeems her image.  Ike’s defenses melt and what results is a unique bond between polar opposites. Other characters impacting this story include Quinn’s father and stepmother; her bestie, Trent and his father; and Ike’s siblings and parents.

Day’s use of descriptive language is superlative.  Her “fire hose” and “horizontal refreshment” metaphors had me in tears! Sensitive love stories, laced with a hint of humor and strong leading characters, are components of the Drakes of California series.  SAPPHIRE ATTRACTION contains all of those elements and is a perfect addition to this wonderful series.

28th August 2016 |