Review:  Romancing the Fashionista
Samhain Publishing
May 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING:  B
REVIEW: ROMANCING THE FASHIONISTA is a light, comical second chance romance story that highlights the romance of Manhattan fashion magazine editor, Melinda ‘Mel’ Mitchell and her secret high school crush, Dr. Nolan Parker. The story begins in, where else, Manhattan, New York, the fashion capital of the world. Mel is what is known theses days as “a boss”. In other words, she is large and in charge.

As the story opens, Mel is not a happy camper. The attention grabbing first line of the story is “Screw you, Facebook!” Two things happen because of a posting on the notorious social media site. First, Mel and her best friend, Lexi’s old high school picture was posted for the social media world to see. It was taken in the nineties, so she and bestie, Lexie were attired in their bomber jackets, high top sneakers, asymmetrical crimped bob hairstyles, and high- waisted jeans. Not a good look by today’s standards for the fashion maven and the stylist best friend. The cause of this sudden posting from memory lane is the upcoming hometown reunion in Timber Falls, New York, the small upstate town where they are from. Mel is adamant about not attending said reunion until Lexie informs her that her old high school crush, Nolan Parker, now Dr. Parker, will probably be attending. Then, the second thing happens. Nolan posts a friend request. Just from looking at his photo, Mel knows she is in trouble.  The former All American and now ex-Doctors Without Borders physician is eye candy indeed! The next few chapters are devoted to the reunion where the heroine, Mel and the hero Nolan hook up and renew old feelings.

The dialogue is contemporary and lively and it is completely in line with the pace of the story.  At the reunion festivities, Mel and Lexi come face to face with people and memories that reminded them why they fled the confines of their small hometown. Those insights provide the reader with some revealing facts about the protagonists’ childhood in Timber Falls.  The majority of minor characters are citizens of Timber Falls who Mel, Lexi, and Nolan encounter at the reunion events. After the reunion Mel and Nolan go their separate way because Mel can’t see herself not having total control of her life. However, they come together finally after an incident involving Mel’s daughter.

ROMANCING THE FASHIONISTA Is an easy and fast-paced entertaining read. It’s also the first book in the series, The Flirty Fashionistas, and the first book I’ve read by K.M. Jackson.  It won’t be the last. I recommend it to the contemporary romance readers out there.

5th June 2016 |