Review: Provocative Attraction
Harlequin Kimani Romance

May 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  B
REVIEW: Six years ago, Vivi Hail left Philadelphia in search of fame on the big screen. She ended up losing the man she loves in the process. They run into each other occasionally during the intervening years but things are never the same. When Vivi's life is threatened, Rook Lourdess is back in her life as her personal bodyguard. To keep her out of harm's way, he whisks her off to his chalet in Italy. Rook is finally ready to re-visit his and Vivi’s past in hopes of rekindling what they once had. Because underneath all the mistakes of the past, they still love each other but don't know how to get past the emotional pain and anguish to find the love that still exists between them. Will this be a new beginning for them or will they simply break each other's heart all over again?

Vivi is a celebrated actress on a popular TV show. She has everything she could possibly want. Her career is in a great place now. But the one thing she doesn’t have is the man she left behind. Vivi doesn't regret the path she took in reaching her accomplishments, but she does regret losing the love of her life in order to achieve it.

Rook is a world-renowned security expert and every woman’s dream.  Rook Lourdess has sex appeal oozing out of his pores. This alpha male can have any woman he wants and many have tried to claim his heart.  But his heart belongs to one woman and always will.

PROVOCATIVE ATTRACTION is a good book with an attention-grabbing plot.  Ms. Washington did a great job creating characters that are likeable and believable.  The main characters are multifaceted and intriguing. I enjoyed reading about Vivi and Rook.  The chemistry between them is red-hot!  Their interaction with each other can be intense and passionate at times.  The other characters are interesting and contribute to the overall validity of the story.  But Rook and Vivi dominate the pages of this book.  It’s been six years since Rook and Vivi parted but their passion hasn’t dimmed at all.  If anything it has grown stronger with time.  These two may not be together, but Rook still considers Vivi to be his. Over Rook’s dead body will anything happen to Vivi. So he steps in personally to take care of her when her safety is in jeopardy.  The fact that neither one has moved on tells you a lot about these ex-lovers. Their hearts belong to each other.  Good read!

15th August 2016 |