Review:  Perfect Chemistry
Romance Management Inc.
JULY 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Sheryl Lister is another Novella is the collection titled Hot Undercover Bosses: 12 Sensuous Romance Books. This story is set in Sacramento and the Bay Area of California, and it is the perfect backdrop for this contemporary romance.

The heroine, Victoria Daniels, and the hero, Michael Avery, are attracted to each other at their first meeting. Their instant chemistry sets the tone for some very hot and steamy interludes. Victoria and Michael are employed in the same profession, the field of Industrial Hygiene. Who knew? Victoria works in the lab testing samples, but her goal is to be certified in this field which would allow her to collect samples in the field and not just be confined to lab work. This dilemma becomes a critical subplot of the storyline as we discover that Victoria’s career goal is being derailed by her previous lover and underhanded supervisor, Curtis Smith, who refuses to certify two years of work experience that Victoria needs. On the other hand, Michael is not only a Certified Industrial Hygienist, but he is the owner of the firm and lab where Victoria unknowingly goes for an interview. If she accepts the job, Michael will be her boss. For Victoria, it’s a Déjà vu Curtis Smith moment all over again, and she is not a happy camper with Mr. Michael Avery. At this point, the chemistry is not so perfect. Why didn’t Michael reveal his real status? He withholds that information from Victoria because of a hurtful past experience that affected him deeply. It’s complicated.

The minor characters take on the roles of advisors and confidants. Michael’s longtime friend and partner, Tyler, and Victoria’s cousin, Alicia, are two that come to mind. They each help our hero and heroine navigate the rocky road of romance.

The dialogue is crisp and contemporary allowing the storyline to flow smoothly. Kudos to author,
Sheryl Lister for stepping out the box and giving her hero and heroine an occupation that is not the usual billionaire CEO, doctor, nurse, lawyer, etc. that we find in stories. It gives PERFECT CHEMISTRY a fresh take.

This is the second story I’ve read in the
Hot Undercover Bosses series, and if they are any indication of the remaining Novellas, this series is a sure fire hit! I liked PERFECT CHEMISTRY, and I believe you will enjoy it, too. It’s a great read!

3rd July 2016 |