Review: Passion's Song
PASSION'S SONG - Farrah Rochon
Harlequin Kimani Romance

February 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: PASSION'S SONG, Farrah Rochon's latest novel introduces readers to New Orleans, post hurricane Katina.  As a native, Rochon, provides an accurate and emotional account of life in the area most impacted by the historic disaster.  Rochon's unique insight into the impact of the devastation and its effect on the residents is powerful.  I watched the developments of the hurricane's aftermath unfold from my cozy niche in the Midwest - able to turn it off with the flick of my TV remote.  Passion's Song drops the drama in your lap.  I was resistant at first, asking why should I care. That selfish attitude disappeared before I completed chapter one.

April Knight and Damien Alexander grew up in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward.  They became friends and study buddies in high school and remained in contact through college. With Damien's encouragement, April realized her dream to become a world renown concert cellist.  Conversely, April's inspiration helped Damien focus on education and away from the troubled streets of New Orleans. She instilled in him the drive to succeed in college and later influenced his profitable career in real estate. Life interfered and eventually contact between the two was less frequent.

April and Damien independently return to their hometown with lofty aspirations for making a difference.  They quickly realize two things - how dissimilar their individual visions are for the neighborhood and the subtle heat that was always simmering between them. This warmth has more to do with hormones than the humid New Orleans climate. Their platonic relationship is tested when Damien invites April to participate in a scheme to help him gain financial investors for his latest business venture while blocking groupies attracted by his new designation as one of New Orleans’ top bachelors.

New Orleans is the primary setting for
PASSION'S SONG. Family ties and community are important components in this story.  In addition to their respective parents, April’s siblings and Damien’s brother, Kurt, are important contributing characters, as well as the teens in their beloved summer youth program.

PASSION'S SONG is a stand-alone novel.  Rochon’s relaxed, but poignant writing style draws you in, grips your heart and holds on until the very end.  I really enjoyed this tale of community pride and resurgence sprinkled with just the right amount of passion.

14th March 2016 |