Review: Packing Heat
Kensington Dafina/Romance
February 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: PACKING HEAT, the second book in The Blue-Collar Lover Series introduces us to the next Carter brother, Douglas Carter. The setting is Los Angeles, California.  It’s not the glitzy, glamorous Rodeo Drive LA, but the LA of everyday people who work at mid-level jobs (like the Post Office) that earn them a descent living. That’s Douglas Carter’s LA, and it is absolutely the setting we would expect for this story. This novel is blue-collar all the way. Neither the hero nor the heroine are your typical uber gorgeous, rich, professionals that are common in the Romance genre, which makes them so believable.

Douglas has been employed at the Post Office since graduating from high school ten years ago. He has happily moved up the postal ladder to become a supervisor at one of the branches. He has a regular paycheck, benefits, a promising retirement package, friends, family and a good life. One of the workers under his supervision is the talented Jan Baker, postal employee by day and aspiring singer extraordinaire by night. Our hero is drawn to the voluptuous heroine in spite of his reluctance to become involved with a co-worker. Likewise, the heroine is reluctant to become involved in a relationship with someone at the workplace where privacy is at a minimum, and that person is her boss. Needless to say, the attraction is too strong, and Doug and Jan gradually become a couple. There are other factors that play into their relationship. Zuri Day does a great job incorporating the themes of self-esteem and bullying through Jan’s character and her pursuit of a music career. Nevertheless, Doug remains by Jan’s side through the highs and lows of their relationship. They each bring something to the relationship that moves them from cool co-workers to steamy lovers.

Family plays a key role in the story. If you read
DRIVING HEAT, the first book of the blue-collar series, you are familiar with the gregarious Carter family of Inglewood. Well, they are back in PACKING HEAT, and nothing has changed. Jan’s family, a little more reserved than the Carters, is the reason she works at a stable job with benefits. Can’t leave out the other family in the story; the memorable post office employees. From the mail sorter playboy, to the clerk who has been there longer than anybody, to the messy gossip diva, they all have a say about Doug and Jan’s relationship. We are also reunited with Byron (bus driver) Carter, Doug’s brother, and his now wife, Cynthia Hall Carter (upscale professional) from DRIVING HEAT.

I liked this story and I like the series. It’s just something about those Carter men that strikes a chord with me. This is just the second book of this series, so you have a chance to catch up. I recommend
PACKING HEAT and its predecessor, DRIVING HEAT. They are enjoyable, entertaining stories by the talented Zuri Day. Five stars all the way!

8th February 2016 |