Review: One Spark of Magic
Siri Austin Entertainmane

December 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: Author Iris Bolling has written a completely enjoyable and magical romance that features an unforgettable couple who experience the euphoric highs and devastating lows of two people caught in the throes of love. When Jarrett Bryson and Paige Cartwright meet on a flight to Richmond, Virginia, they are intrigued with each other- Jarrett with Paige’s positive outlook on life and Paige with Jarrett’s serious side away from the spotlight of fame.

Jarrett is a talented, highly respected professional baseball player and leader of his team, the Knights. When the story opens, he is in contract negotiations, and the team has their eyes set on a World Series championship. Paige is the principal in a New York ballet company. With their leadership positions, their skill and artistry come haters. And boy, do they have them. The drama is powered by the backstabbing antics of the bad guys and women who scheme and plot against the hero and heroine. No spoilers here, but the action gets highly intense as the plot becomes infused with suspense and murder. While Jarrett and Paige engage in a steamy and sultry magical romantic affair, there are very real forces at work against them. Can this couple overcome the vitriolic actions that threaten their magical relationship? You have to read the story, my friend.

One of the best features of this story is the eclectic cast of minor characters that surround Jarrett and Paige. From Jarrett’s teammates, QueenBees and wanna bees, (you’ll get that when you read the book) Paige’s fellow dancers to both set of parents, this story is character driven. Heading the list is the head matriarch, and a force to be reckoned with, Paige’s grandmother, Ophelia S. Hylton, aka Grand’Mere. Side note: She has quite a compelling backstory! Because the characters are so dynamic, there is a possibility that some of them may have their own stories one day. We can only wait with anticipation to discover what Ms. Bolling foresees for them.

ONE SPARK OF MAGIC is an entertaining contemporary romance. I enjoyed it, and I recommend it.

1st January 2017|